Clean Up Your Family Diet & Detoxify Your Kitchen

Eliminate rich, sugary, highly processed foods, fried foods, fast foods and empty calorie foods. Limit foods that come in a box, bag or can, with the exception of healthier items like brown rice or rice cakes. 
     Make it a habit to shop the periphery of your grocery store. The produce department should fill up 80% of your cart. Better yet, shop at a farmer's market, join an organic food co-op, or frequent a more produce-type market.
     Choose whole foods from their most natural state. Read labels with your kids. Hire a professional to go through your pantry and refrigerator to shed light on the ingredients. Toss out what isn't health giving. 
     All it takes is a little effort, support and guidance to be on a healthier path of eating & wellness. With the kids going back to school think about doing a kitchen makeover. Clean out the bad food items that may be lurking in your cupboards and refrigerator. The word "detox" conjures up images of fasting, cleansing, and restricting food groups. A "clean eating" regime is a better image for a healthy family diet. Instead of an extreme detox, just clean up the foods your family consumes. 


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