Curbing Sugary Drinks Consumption

We have a national crisis in this country.  Sugary drinks provide nearly half of the sugars in our daily diets. This fact may be the number one contributor to obesity as well as obesity related diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.We as individuals, MUST limit our sugar consumption.
The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has called for a Surgeon General's report on the health impact of sugary drinks and other foods. They have also petitioned the FDA to set limits on sugar in soft drinks and other foods. The organization has also launched a major campaign to curb consumption of this addictive substance.
     The CSPI recommends for readers to watch, "The Real Bears," to spread awareness of the harm brought by high sugar consumption. Viewed by over two million people worldwide, we at Arrandt Healthcare hope you find this video a valuable piece of information in the progression of your healthy lifestyle. Share the video with family and friends to spread awareness of the danger of "liquid candy" and the harmful health consequences they implement on our bodies.

Measurements of Sugar Recommendations
Sugar recommendations are sometimes listed in tablespoons or grams, therefore it is important to know how to convert tablespoons to grams. For example, one tablespoon of sugar is the same as five grams. Therefore, multiply the number of tablespoons by five.
Grams of Sugar Recommended for Men
The American Heart Association states that men should not consume more than nine tablespoons of sugar each day. This measurement of sugar is equal to a recommended limit of 45 grams of sugar per day for men.
Recommended Grams of Sugar for Women
The recommended sugar intake for women is less than that of men. The AHA advises that women should limit their intake of sugar to six tablespoons of sugar each day. This translates to a daily recommended limit of 30 grams of sugar.


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