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& Weight Loss Program Today!

Our 10-Day program is your stepping-stone toward better health. The in-office program has been wildly successful for our patients & program participants. It is more than just a weight loss program. You will be amazed at the many benefits that this clean eating and detoxification program will give you. Along with the weight loss, it will help you reduce inflammation as well as muscle and joint pain in your body.

If you do not live in our area, you too can experience the benefits wherever you live. Take a peak here at our on line testimonials and you too can be on your way to living a new lifestyle which will support you to begin the path of reaching your weight loss and wellness goals. Our program gives you lifestyle tools for a healthy, slim, and pain free future.

Would You Like to Experience Any of the Following?

  • Weight Reduction
  • Eliminate Muscle & Joint Pain
  • Rid Yourself of Food Addictions
  • Increased Energy and Vitality
  • Improve Cholesterol Ratios
  • Improved Digestion
  • Balance Your Hormones
  • Improved Physical Appearance
  • Clearer Thinking
  • Eliminate Headaches 
  • Clearer Skin    

Here is what you get when you commit to our on-line plan….

  • On-line Health Appraisal/Toxicity Questionnaire and Report-of-Findings from our Doctor or Integrative Nutritionist.
  • Online Kick-Off session. Prior to beginning your plan, you will get information about how to structure your program and get all of your questions answered. If you can’t make the live call, a replay will be available.
  • Complete Manual with Daily Food Journal & Recipes.
  • 1 Private Call
  • 1 Group Call
  • 10 Daily emails sent directly to your inbox for support.
  • Online Private Facebook Support Page.
  • Complete Supplementation for Nutritional Support while on the Program
  • A list of additional supplements that will enhance your program experience.
  • Accessibility to email questions, concerns & extra support.
  • Medical Questions & Support directly with Linda & Dr. Arrandt.

We are passionate about health and want to help you on your weight-loss and wellness path.

         By committing to this amazing plan, you will sail into fall with a slim, vibrant, pain-free body. Our 10-Day Plan is a stepping-stone toward better levels of health. Think of it as a building block of getting your body to a better level of health. We recommend you continue the journey and commit to a 21-Day, 5 or 12-Week Program. Our plan’s foundation is one for a lasting lifestyle. You will see unhealthy habits move away as new habits become more sustainable.  Studies have shown that it takes at least 3 months to permanently change habits.

We created this shorter length version of our highly successful program so folks who were not ready to fully commit to a longer time frame or were scared or skeptical could begin to feel better in just 10 days. It will be a beginning for your weight loss and wellness journey.  The 21 Day, 5-Week, 12-Week and 6-Month programs have been successfully done by thousands of people throughout the country. This incredible plan will open your eyes to what is possible for a healthier, trim and vibrant future. There are amazing benefits that you will derive from just this short program, but by continuing on with a commitment of a minimum of three months, will lead you to the body you have always desired! You deserve to do this for yourself!

"Feeling good & slim never tasted so good!"

Whether you are doing the 10-Day, 21-Day, 5-Week, 12-Week or 6-Month program, you begin to desire more nutrient dense foods and unhealthy foods will stop calling to you. It's crazy, but true. During the healing phase of the program, you remove built up toxins and heal your gut and your body. By consuming nutrient dense foods, state of the art supplements and exercise, you regulate your hormonal system and balance your body.


“We look forward to supporting you and partnering with you to achieve and maintain your goals.”

The cost of the 10-Day Quick Start Pure Body Program is $298. Call our office to reserve your spot & product kit. 312-640-2020.

Begin the group program, or do it on your own time line.

In Health,

Linda & Dr. Rich


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