Spring Clean Your Body Through Detoxification

What most of us instinctively know, science is backing up: a healthy lifestyle is important to the health of our bodies. It is increasingly more important to choose organic fruits and vegetables as well as organic lean proteins. As a general rule, fruits such as a banana or avocado that have a skin are okay to eat non-organic due to the thick skin protective covering. Fruits, especially berries are loaded with pesticides and are harmful to your over all health, unless they are organic. Synthetic chemicals can also have negative effects on our health. Many studies confirm that chemicals can influence everything from weight gain and diabetes to cancer and genetic disorders. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals can leach from plastic food containers and can affect your hormonal balance. Synthetic food additives and preservatives have been linked to childhood obesity, which is alarmingly on the rise. Also, chemicals that are often found in indoor air, (such as formaldehyde) are linked to an increasing rate of asthma and allergies. It is best to use natural cleaning products for your home or office. Using more alternative medicines and herbal remedies, rather than over-the-counter symptom reducing drugs are a good alternative to insure you are healthy. Preventive medicine, proper nutrition, and detoxification programs will heal the body and are a long-term solution to relying on commercialized pharmaceutical drugs.

     At Arrandt Health Care and Lincoln Park Weight-Loss our individual and group run programs will arm you with the proper information you need. Diet and lifestyle counseling will not only help you stay well and symptom free, but also help you lose weight and keep it off naturally and easily. Our programs are designed to integrate with a modern lifestyle. Through engaging in one of our programs you will choose wise eating habits and lose sugar cravings. Your renewed sense of vibrancy will prompt you to feed your body well. Together, we will partner to make your future healthier and we hope this resurgence will have a ripple effect on your family, friends, and community. 


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