What I Learned From My Sister, Health Coach Linda Arrandt

What I Learned From My Sister, Health Coach Linda Arrandt

I am lucky to have a very smart and cool younger sister, who is also my best friend. It’s a bonus that she is also a successful wellness and nutrition coach. It’s pretty amazing to have a health guru in the family. Linda and I share a passion for healthy eating and the belief that beauty comes from within. We keep each other on track. Linda advises me on how to stay healthy when I’m constantly on-the-go. We love to swap iPhone pics of great food and recipes and debate about the latest food trends.

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I love this picture of the two of us in the kitchen. Whenever we are together, the majority of the meal is always vegetable-based. I really believe that eating this way is what has kept us both looking younger than our years (we are 52 and 57 in this pic).

Linda has taught me so much about health, but also about the importance of perspective.  Where I am a bit more quick and direct, Linda is never in a bad mood. She’s Susie Sunshine and always sees the light in everyone’s eyes. She loves to send me Hallmark cards, and I’m not exactly a Hallmark kind of girl. But she keeps sending them, and I love that she does. Because we live in different states we started going to a spa together around Mother’s Day every year. In the beginning, because we are both Type A people, we would try every exercise class and activity. We would bring photo projects and scrap books to do on our down time. We finally realized that the focus should be on what was most important—each other. Now those trips are about hanging out, catching up, getting a little sun, with lots of vegetables thrown in.


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